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29 de octubre de 2006

Oaxaca burns

I spent some part of my evening listening to internet radio last night. It was Oaxaca live being repressed by Vicente Fox and Co.

It is curious how Vicente Fox is portraid these days. He is a regular George W. Bush and his circle of pals. A reality based community which somehow fails to match ours.

Either way his government at last sent federal troops to restore order. It had to take several lives before his government decided to send in the troops though am guessing wildly and with haste that it only ocurred so at the behest of the Reds in power in the White House. One American had to perish for Fox to repress the turmoil.

I listened intently. Helicopters hovering above, people detailing the troops movements and how some people suddenly lost phone communications.

The local university lost also radio transmition and their phones were jammed.

The government sent in water tanks, the very same ones that Salinas de Gortari bought before he stepped down from office.

In the end, the federal government flexed muscle, restored so-called order and they will continue living their own sorts of realities.

Meanwhile, news from Europe and Latinamerica showed that we are globalized, while Oaxaca burned, many protested the federal government's intervention. Thanx be to them.

Whilst the people in the streets, fighting still for their democratic rights get no hearing from the power structures.

Telmex used its power to disable phones, mass media used its power to ignore the conflict: while Oaxaca burned many television stations were showing soccer games; many mexican citizens lost their lives, countless are in jails, some being tortured and a conspiracy theory that the drugslords are colluding with the mexican government to quell dissention.

The government is showing arrogance and am sure this is just the beginning of a greater theater scenario yet to come.

Though the retaking of the capital of Oaxaca had its consequences, the leaders did manage to disperse peacefully. A few, received the federal police with white flowers and showed light resistance. Am sure they are just planning their next move.

Felipe Calderón is their target now.

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