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9 de junio de 2007

Special Norwegian voices in the UK and Tijuana, Mexico

A vocal ensemble out of the ordinary, RØYST is currently undertaking a number of exciting concerts in the UK. In the fall the four Norwegian women that make up RØYST (which is (old) Norwegian for voice ) leave for Mexico and a special musical project to take place in Tijuana where a local centre for the poor and deprived have invited RØYST to perform and host musical workshops. The notion is that RØYST will inspire in a novel way by the enchantment of their music itself but also by representing a culture truly different to that of Tijuana.


In late October RØYST leave for an idealistic project in Tijuana where they will perform and host workshops at a local centre for poor and deprived. The guiding idea, conceived by Aidé Salcido, is that the uniqueness of RØYST’s expression and the presentation of a completely different culture will inspire hope and interest in music to the users of the centre.

At Myspace: Roystmusic

Their own site: Royst

Although this is not my cup of tea how many times do you get to see a norwegian band play in Tj? Do you yourself a favor and schedule it for your Oct 07 activities.

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